Security testing


vulnerability assessments


A Vulnerability Assessment will help broadly identify and triage a list of vulnerabilities present in your current environment; helping shine a spotlight on security gaps before they're abused by the bad guys.

RedBlack Vulnerability Assessments are designed to be the first step in a security maturation process that takes an organization from a basic reactive defense, to proactive defensive practices.  A Vulnerability Assessment can be deployed as a standalone service as well.

Penetration Testing


At RedBlack, we engineer our Penetration Tests to suit the capabilities and complexities of our clients infrastructure. 

RedBlack Penetration Tests are object-driven and customized with a key-goal or goals as a focal point;  evaluating the truly susceptible and damaging gaps in your security posture, before an attacker is able to exploit them. 

Red Team:

Adversary Emulation

Use-case testing


Our full-scope engagement leaves no stone unturned in scrutinizing the posture, awareness, capabilities and incident readiness and response aptitude of your entire team. By assimilating and leveraging threat actor methodology and execution, our Rogue Team deploys those tactics and intrusion sets within the client ecosystem

RedBlack emulates and deploys the attack methods and strategies that advanced attackers have become so adept with - preparing your defensive team for a true attack. All with an eye towards mitigating impact to critical business operations, assets and personnel.