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C3X2018: Genesis

“A unique and dynamic Red vs Blue cyber exercise, developed to advance and refine the knowledge, skills and adaptability of the next generation of Cyber Defense and Information Security Professionals in Canada.”

Competing Schools: Sheridan College, Seneca College, George Brown College

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors:

TD Bank, Difenda, Security Mason, See One Security, Security Compass, Digital Ocean and Ragnarok Digital Security

Hosted at George Brown College / October 22-24, 2018

Photo Gallery from C3X2018: Genesis



Competing Schools: Lambton College - George Brown College

Thanks to our tremendous sponsors:

ALienvault, digital ocean, Chapman’s Ice cream, the lansdowne cone

Beta Test of C3X Concept / Hosted at George Brown College

Photo Gallery from C3X2017

The First C3X Logo (2017)

The First C3X Logo (2017)

C3X: 2017

Year I

George Brown College + Lambton College

(Beta Test of C3X Concept)

Pilot version of C3X, testing out concepts and execution

C3X Logo Volume 2: Genesis (2018)

C3X Logo Volume 2: Genesis (2018)

C3x2018: Genesis

Year II

Seneca + Sheridan + George Brown College

Three day exercise with Sheridan, Seneca and George Brown Colleges competing, including the introduction of RedBlack’s business scenario framework to accompany the various technical challenges. Read more about C3X2018…

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C3x2019: Red Forest

year III

Fanshawe + Seneca + Sheridan + George Brown colleges

We are currently reviewing applications for schools interested in participating in C3X2019

Please send us an email at for more information about C3X