Investing in Your Organization's Security


We don't believe in delivering a report and walking out the door. At RedBlack, we make it a point of pride to work alongside your team to instill the types of skills and the determined culture that make a great security team. Security should emanate from within, so we invest in the long-term safety of our clients. 


Get to Know Our Services

At RedBlack, we have a service to match your organizations technical complexity or industry requirements. From basic compliance testing needs to full-scale Adversary Emulations, we pride ourselves on delivering a higher tier of testing in every engagement. Threat Actors use their best stuff. Your organization should too.



It's tough to keep pace with the escalation of skills and tactics acquired and utilized by today’s adversary.

RedBlack proactively addresses this deficiency by scrutinizing the target organization through the lens of an advanced attacker and focusses on actionable steps.



Designed to enhance a security team's skillset with hands-on training, creative labs, challenges and exercises.

Training can be tailored for every department and capability level within your organization. Every member of your team can play a positive and helpful role in security.



At RedBlack, we believe in working with and supporting the cyber community in Canada, and around the world.

Check out our list of upcoming and previous presentations, panels and activities. Including C3X: Canadian Collegiate Cyber Exercise on our YouTube Channel.


The RedBlack Difference

RedBlack combines an extensive and evolving understanding of modern cyber threat mentality and tactics, with a strong background in business operations, creating a unique understanding of the current cyber environment and a determination to outwit and outperform the adversary at their own game.

The RedBlack 'Rogue Team' primarily functions as a dissimilar adversary, to render to our clients a 'worst-case' scenario assessment; helping our clients gain greater clarity over the impact of a targeted attack on their organization, and most importantly, how to detect and withstand advanced attacks effectively.